Дьявольские куклы — Король Бруклина

Текст песни Дьявольские куклы — Король Бруклина

Everytime you tell me lies it comes as no surprise,
Because I know you better than you do,
and that you can’t help all the things that you do.
Everytime you kiss my face, and take me to that very special place,
Why did you love me? Was it just for the chase?
I want to kiss you, Then punch you in the face.

You think you’re the king of brooklyn,
and that you’ve seen it all,
and you can do what you want, whenever you want,
and all that you say is law.
Well let me be the first to not come crawling back to you,
You’re gonna wish you were crucified when I get through with you.
Well I’d leave you on a cross to die, and hang ribbons around your neck,
Oh I know I told you that I forgave you, I lied and you lost the bet.
Oh baby, fuck you for never being true,
The Horse you rode in on and your girl too.
I’ll be ok, but never the same,
By this time next year, I won’t remember your name.

I can’t seem to shake you from my heart
Although I know that it’s best that we’re apart,
Cause I can’t breathe when you’re so close to me.
and I can’t live my life when all you do is lie to me,
No I can’t live my life when all you do is lie to me.
No, no, no, no…


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